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Really simple and cute game! I really like the art style to!

thank you!!

I loved the art, music, and fishing themed aspect. But I've tried playing multiple times in one sitting, and here's what I've noticed as of 7/16/2018 at 8:30 AM:

After playing once, on second playthrough, the top profile pic in the part where you select two profiles to select from, retains the profile of someone even if you chose a different gender to be attracted to (I went from seeking only female, to seeking only males in order to find this). When I selected the female profile, it said that I had found a match. 

Hi! thank you so much :3

I've realized that too. I need to figure out how to reset the game once it has been played through once. I'm currently busy with other projects but I hope to fix/update it sooonnn

I had a few problems playing and I'm almost certain I didn't answer any of the questions.

It showed the questions weird because you were in fullscreen lmao

yeaaah, I'm going to try and fix that soon. sorry lol!!

loll thanks for that review and sorry for the bugs. I'm working on it!